It is possible, after all, to tie shoes and watch television, to eat and read, to shave and talk with the children. These days it is possible to drive, eat, listen to a book, and talk on the phone, all at once, if you dare. No segment of time-not a day, not a second-can really be a zero-sum game. "Attention! Multitaskers," says an advertisement for an AT&T wireless telephone service. "Demo all these exciting features"-namely E-mail, voice telephone, and pocket organizer. Pay attention if you can. We have always multitasked-inability to walk and chew gum is a time-honored cause for derision-but never so intensely or so self-consciously as now. If haste is the gas pedal, multitasking is overdrive. We are multitasking connoisseurs-experts in crowding, pressing, packing, and overlapping distinct activities in our all-too-finite moments.