The creative decision-makers offer no apologies. A company fact sheet asserts, as a kind of slogan, "MTV zooms by in a blur while putting things in focus at the same time." Music Television began broadcasting in the summer of 1981, with the Buggles singing, appropriately enough, "Video Killed the Radio Star," followed by the Who, the Pretenders, Rod Stewart, and others in hybrid blends of music, images of musicians performing, and other rapidly intermixed images, real or surreal, related to the music or not, but always cut to the music. The basic MTV unit was a three-minute movie created around a song. You might have been forgiven for thinking it was meant as a sort of wallpaper, something to put on in the background when you didn't want to watch television. Wasn't it really a descendant of television's Yule Log, burning away eternally at Christmas before a fixed camera while carols played on the audio track? Certainly the music video was premised on short attention spans. It is a three-minute format within which no single shot is likely to last more than a second or two.