The 1950 Guide to Easier Living pointed out some common time-wasting errors modern housewives made in the course of baking potatoes. They stored the potatoes too far from the sink. They turned on the water and then reached for the brush, instead of using both hands to perform these steps simultaneously. They carried the potatoes to the oven one or two at a time. Mistakes like these left the average American housewife with a staggering sixty- to eighty-hour work week. "Eliminate unnecessary steps and motions," the Wrights exhorted. No task is too small for the application of "science." The housewife must think of herself as the home's production engineer. Aware as you are of the peril of hurry sickness, you may recoil at the idea of bringing a stopwatch to bear on every trivial task. Anyway, what do you care? You have the microwave, you have prewashed potatoes, you have Tater Tots.