Death may be an absolute but time is not. Our ancestors may have considered time to be divine property, but we know better-we who have jet lag, slow-motion instant replays, methamphetamines, the International Date Line, the relativity of physicists, leap years and leap seconds. Come to think of it, Winkler is not really setting the pace-not for you. Synchronize your watch according to his clocks, sure, but you will serve as your own director of your own time directorate. Even if you feel yourself rushed by the sheer plenitude of things, even if you eat when the clock says to, you can remember that time is defined, analyzed, measured, and even constructed by humans. It may help to think of time as a continuous flow, rather than a series of segmented packages. Or to find aggressive ways of squandering the time you save. Or at least to recognize that neither technology nor efficiency can acquire more time for you, because time is not a thing you have lost. It is not a thing you ever had. It is what you live in. You can drift in its currents, or you can swim.